'This Morning' viewers shocked by guest who takes her 'reborn dolls' on dates

This Morning viewers were left confused on Wednesday (November 14) as one guest brought her collection of life-like baby dolls onto the show.

19-year-old Natasha Harridge introduced presenters Phillip Schofield and Rochelle Humes to her 12 ‘reborn dolls’, on which she spent over £5000.

She revealed she bought the dolls to help her cope with her childhood bullying and her mother having a miscarriage.

This Morning guest uses life-like dolls to help her cope with past traumas
This Morning guest uses life-like dolls to help her cope with past traumas

Ranging from a premature baby to a four-year-old lookalike, Harridge explained how these dolls helped her through the toughest period of her life, and how she even takes them on dates.

“I think it’s the responsibility of being responsible for something as delicate as a baby. Yes, they’re not real but they’re weighted to be real,” said Harridge.

“Those endorphins are automatically released and it’s like I need to take care of it, I need to be responsible.

“I used to get in fights, I’ll admit I wasn’t the perfect child but I was in fights when I was bullied because I reacted and I didn’t have a good sense of knowing how to react properly. Then it was just a way I was able to cope.”

Natasha Harridge’s ‘reborn dolls’
Natasha Harridge’s ‘reborn dolls’

Asked how people react when she takes the dolls out in public, she said: “It does vary. When people ask sometime I go along with it, I have to assess the situation.”

“They’d ask, ‘Oh how old are they?’ And sometimes it’s like, ‘Oh it’s a doll,’ and then I explain why I have them.

“Some people are really intrigued, some people take pictures, some people hold them. ‘It’s quite funny when I went to America the airport staff had a good laugh, they were all a bit shocked.”

Harridge also revealed that she even took one of the dolls with her on a first date to keep her company on the train Birmingham.

“To be honest, he [the date] didn’t really say much. He was like, ‘I thought I would really hate them but actually it’s not that bad.”

Some viewers were slightly disturbed by Harridge’s story, with many describing the dolls as ‘creepy’.

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