This Morning's Cat Deeley gobsmacked as Ben Shephard takes swipe at husband

Cat Deeley appeared less than amused during Monday's This Morning as her co-star Ben Shephard cheekily jabbed at her husband Patrick Kielty. During the episode, the pair discussed the recent crowning of the World's Ugliest Dog, an eight year old Pekingese called Wild Thang.

After learning more information about the champ, Ben made the point that everyone cherishes their pets despite what they look like.

Guest Sonia Sodha agreed as she commented: "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, no one thinks that their own pet is ugly." Joining the conversation, Cat said: "I also quite like an underdog! I quite like a dog with literally three legs or-."

Cat was shocked by Ben's quick swipe at her husband
Cat was shocked by Ben's quick swipe at her husband -Credit:ITV

Before she could finish, presenter Ben interjected: "Are you drawn to them?" Cat admitted her soft spot for not-so-cute canines, which led to a sly remark from the This Morning presenter, reports the Express.

Ben teased: "That's why you married Paddy?" The cheeky swipe left guests Sonia and Gyles Brandreth taken aback, chuckling uncomfortably as Cat's jaw dropped.

Cat quipped back: "Oh my goodness, you know he's poorly at the moment! So, he can't sort you out!" Even as Cat stuck her tongue out to show it was all in good fun, Ben quickly changed the subject. He added: "I think Wild Thang looks absolutely glorious!"

The two guests were left speechless by Ben's joke
The two guests were left speechless by Ben's joke -Credit:ITV

Later in the episode, Cat, 47, opened up further about her husband's health struggles, disclosing that he is currently suffering from shingles.

While chatting with Dr Sara Kayat on the show, Cat shared that Paddy initially mistook his symptoms for fibreglass irritation due to construction work at their home.

She said: "He thought he'd got fibreglass in his face because he'd been shifting things at the house that's under construction at the moment and he thought he'd touched his face.

Cat shared that her husband currently has shingles
Cat shared that her husband currently has shingles -Credit:GETTY

"He got this burning, tingling, stinging sensation but that's what he thought it was."

Dr Sara then informed ITV viewers about the early signs of shingles, which include the very tingling sensation Cat's husband experienced, followed by fatigue and eventually a blotchy rash that turns into fluid-filled blisters.

Cat added that Paddy has developed the tell-tale rash on his face, although Dr Sara noted that these rashes can manifest anywhere on the body, typically on the torso.

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