This Morning's Craig Doyle steps in as guest left in tears live on ITV show

This Morning's Craig Doyle
This Morning's Craig Doyle -Credit:ITV

Craig Doyle called This Morning to a brief pause on Monday to make sure a guest on the show was alright, after they broke down on tears live on air.

Many ITV viewers pock for one of the main hosting jobs, before Ben Shephard and Cat Deeley were confirmed to have got them earlier this year, ex Holiday presenter Craig was back at the helm of the daytime programme for Bank Holiday, being paired with Josie Gibson, who was also regarded as frontrunner for a promotion, following the sudden exit of Holly Willoughby.

At the end of a show which saw themed joined in the studio by regulars like showbiz correspondent Sian Welby, Craig and Josie sat and watched as ex 10 Years Younger star Nicky Hambleton-Jones fronted a segment called Drop a Decade, where she gives a This Morning viewer a radical makeover.

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The volunteer this time round was Ranjit, a 57-year-old mum of four, who Nicky revealed was going through a 'tough divorce' and struggling with self confidence. Having been transformed by Nicky and her team behind the scenes during the show, Ranjit stepped onto a catwalk in front of camera to show off her new look, with her makeover involving a drastic change in hair style, as well as a complete overhaul of her wardrobe, as Ranjit emerged looking totally different from earlier on.

And it all got a bit too much for her as, seeing herself for the first time, Ranjit started to become really emotional, beginning to cry as she struggled to take it all in as she admitted she'd been left 'in shock' and said she felt she'd 'lost herself.' Quick to react, Craig got off his chair and went onto the catwalk to give Ranjit a hug, checking she was OK and then adding: "You look amazing! It's a lot, it's a lot."