Mortified Liam Gallagher Was Mistaken For Sacha Baron Cohen At Cannes

Well this is awkward.

Oasis rocker Liam Gallagher was reportedly left red-faced when local media confused him for Sacha Baron Cohen’s football hooligan alter ego Nobby Grimsby at Cannes Film Festival.

Liam was in town to showcase the new Oasis documentary ‘Supersonic’ and a source explained to the Daily Star: “It got a little embarrassing. Liam was in town to show his new Oasis documentary but a lot of the press here simply didn’t recognise him.

"They just saw the hair and assumed it was Sacha dressed as Nobby doing another publicity stunt.”

What makes the mishap all the more awkward is the fact that Liam has a pretty bad relationship with Sacha, once threatening to “stab” the actor “in the eye” after he became fed up of Sacha’s stunts.


Still, Liam’s documentary on Oasis, who split in August 2009, was positively received at an intimate screening in Cannes, with him saying in the film that being in the band was as “exciting and unpredictable as driving a Ferrari”.