Mortified mum and daughter 'thrown out of Asda' after complaint about their clothing

Chantell Isabelle
Chantell and Isabelle. -Credit:The Sun / News Licensing

A mum and her daughter were left feeling "totally insulted" after being asked to leave an Asda store due to their 'inappropriate' crop tops.

Chantell Humphreys and her 18-year-old daughter Isabelle were confronted by a staff member at the Asda, who told them to exit the premises because of their attire. The duo, donning crop tops, were reportedly likened to a 'topless man'.

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The incident occurred as they entered the supermarket, where Chantell and Isabelle claim they were informed that their clothing was 'inappropriate' for the shopping environment. Chantell expressed that it was 'sexist and insulting' to be asked to leave on account of their tops being deemed 'not appropriate' by the staff.

Recounting the experience to The Sun, Chantell said: "It was a boiling hot day. We were not going to go in wearing scarves and coats."

She continued: "[The female staff member] said what we were wearing was not allowed. She said it was because of our tops. I said this is ridiculous," reports the Mirror.

A male manager intervened to support his colleague, concurring that the outfits were "not appropriate" and suggesting they should depart from the store. Chantell recounted her shock when the manager equated their attire to that of a man entering the store shirtless.

Chantell remarked: "Everybody was looking at us. It was very sexist and insulting."

Despite being eventually allowed to continue shopping by the manager, the duo decided to leave and promised never to return to that Asda store again, a place they had frequented for years.

An Asda spokesperson recognised that warm weather might bring people to the beach but requested that shoppers dress suitably. They commented: "We understand that with the warm weather some of our customers may be visiting the beach, however, we would ask them to consider other customers and dress appropriately when they shop."