45 Of The Most Brain-Numbingly Difficult "Jeopardy!" Questions To Ever Grace Our TVs

There's nothing I love more than embarrassing myself during trivia night (I have made my trivia team lose on more than one occasion). But if you consider yourself a Jeopardy! pro (or just want to brush up on your skills), now's the time to put all that trivia knowledge to the test with the hardest Jeopardy! questions of all time. Save these for trivia night or any time you want to challenge yourself.

Heads up: this isn't a quiz; it's a list of Jeopardy! questions and answers. If you're looking for a traditional quiz format, check out this Jeopardy! trivia quiz!

1.The last class of the day seems to last this long, the longest division of geologic time.

Answer: What is an eon?

2.At the heart of a major industrial region, this second-most populous UK city lies near the geographic center of England.

Aerial view of a suburban neighborhood with rows of houses and greenery

Answer: What is Birmingham?

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3.You "gotta" do this slang term to mean you're leaving; it's also good to get one in the polls.

Answer: What is bounce?

4.Polite society was shocked to see couples in close contact for this ballroom dance that has a Viennese type.

Answer: What is the waltz?

5.The science of determining a tree's age by looking at its growth rings.

Close-up of a tree's growth rings on a cross-section of wood

Answer: What is dendrochronology?

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6."AC" stands for this radio format favored by some folks of a certain age.

Answer: What is adult contemporary?

7.Clingstone and freestone are the two main classifications for this fruit, once called a Persian apple.

Answer: What is a peach?

8.Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry joined this rap trio on their 1986 hit "Walk This Way."

Run DMC at the Grammy Awards wearing matching jackets with star details and heavy gold chains

Answer: Who is Run-DMC?

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9.In some countries, the subtitle "A Contemporary Satire" was used for this 1945 parable.

Answer: What is Animal Farm?

10.A laborer who loads and unloads ships in a port.

Answer: What is a stevedore?

11.This London museum with two first names is renowned for its collection of decorative arts.

Silhouetted figures in front of a historical building with visitors milling around

Answer: What is Victoria and Albert?

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12.Tasty and durable, this type of milk from Gail Borden's company benefited Union troops.

Answer: What is condensed milk?

13.This major river of north-central Wyoming was named for the sheep fur trader Francois Larocque saw on its banks.

Answer: What is Bighorn?

14.A rapid shift of wind velocity or direction is called "wind" this, which pilots are always on the lookout for.

Airplane wing over clouds, seen from cabin window, set against a clear sky

Answer: What is a shear?

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15.From the Greek for "label," it's a course outline of a school class.

Answer: What is a syllabus?

16.The three most basic types of clouds are stratus, cumulus, and this high, wispy type with a name meaning "curl."

Answer: What is cirrus?

17.It's Britspeak for the glass in front of the driver's face.

View through tractor windshield showing empty driver's seat and forest reflection

Answer: What is the windscreen?

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18.Going straight to HEL? Then you're on a direct flight to this northern European country.

Answer: What is Finland?

19.In law, it's possession of an estate for the duration of one's life; in New Jersey, it's the town Bruce Springsteen is from.

Answer: What is Freehold?

20.Aubergine caviar is another name for this smoky Mediterranean spread made with roasted eggplant.

Bowl of baba ghanoush topped with pomegranate seeds and olive oil on a plate, viewed from above

Answer: What is baba ghanoush?

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21.Mike Judge co-created this comedy about engineers and tech start-ups.

Answer: What is Silicon Valley?

22.This search engine with a double-talk animal name emphasizes privacy, saying it doesn't track searches or collect user info.

Answer: What is DuckDuckGo?

23.This word is medical speak for really bad breath.

Woman holding hand to mouth, checking her breath. She's wearing a polka dot top

Answer: What is halitosis?

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24.In the lost ancient epic "Aethiopis," the Ethiopian king Memnon fights for Troy and is killed by this Greek hero.

Answer: Who is Achilles?

25.Carl Friedrich Gauss solved a math puzzle by constructing a regular-sided heptadecagon, a figure with this many sides.

Answer: What is 17?

26.The Office was set at the Scranton branch of this paper company.

Michael Scott from "The Office" holding a mug labeled "WORLD'S BEST BOSS"

Answer: What is Dunder Mifflin?


27.In 1924, the NHL added its first US team, this New England squad.

Answer: Who are the Boston Bruins?

28.Stay pregnant for a year! Plausible for you, no, but for the Florida type of this aquatic mammal that can weigh 3,600 pounds? No prob.

Answer: What is a manatee?

29.Slang for a convertible car with a soft cover.

Two people enjoying a ride in a convertible with open arms under a sunset, expressing freedom and joy

Answer: What is a ragtop?

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30.The third film in the Shrek series has this three-word title.

Answer: What is Shrek the Third?

31.This largest brass instrument is also the one with the lowest pitch.

Answer: What is the tuba?

32.This sport combines cross-country skiing with rifle-shooting skills.

Biathlete in red aiming his rifle during a competition. Sponsor logos are visible on his gear

Answer: What is biathlon?

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33.This planet, the third largest in our solar system, was discovered by William Herschel in 1781.

Answer: What is Uranus?

34.In a square mile, there are 640 of these.

Answer: What are acres?

35.This acorn-obsessed critter from the Ice Age films caused a "continental crack-up."

Scrat from Ice Age clutching an acorn with a surprised expression

Answer: Who is Scrat?

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36.Originally a nautical term meaning closer to the wind, it means to be unfriendly or reserved, distant, and uninvolved.

Answer: What is aloof?

37.France's premier literary prize, this "Prix" awards a whopping 10 euros to the winner.

Answer: What is Prix Goncourt?

38.Hosteler is an archaic synonym for this person.

Person retrieving a key from numbered hotel key slots

Answer: What is an innkeeper?

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39.The title heroine of this 1816 novel wrongly believes herself to be a gifted matchmaker.

Answer: What is Emma?

40.The blue and white striped logo for this tech company hasn't changed since Paul Rand designed it in 1972.

Answer: What is IBM?

41.Real vanilla flavoring comes from certain climbing species of this tropical plant.

Close-up of an orchid with a blurred natural background

Answer: What is an orchid?

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42.Italian for "stopping place" gives us this word for a part of a poem.

Answer: What is a stanza?

43.This largest moon of Pluto is about half the dwarf planet's size.

Answer: What is Charon?

44.Chinese and Portuguese are the official languages of this special administrative region of China.

Skyline with distinctive tower among modern buildings at dusk

Answer: What is Macau?

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45.Finally, if things are going swimmingly for you in the UK, you might exclaim, "Bob's your" this.

Answer: What is uncle?