'Most dangerous cycle lane in Britain' - 60 people injured in a year thanks to 'optical illusion' design

A cycle lane has been branded 'the most dangerous in Britain' after 60 people say they were injured there in a year - with locals blaming the 'optical illusion' design. An FOI request showed 59 people claimed to have been hurt on the lane on Keynsham High Street in Bristol. Photos of the lane, installed last March, shows how it appears to be flat at a glance - but actually passes over an elevated pedestrian crossing. Walkers say they have repeatedly missed and tripped on a 'hidden' curb - which they say looks like a flat line as it is painted white. The lane had to be re-painted red in August 2022 after 46 injuries were reported on the stretch of road in just six months. Figure show 21 have even pursued compensation for their injuries - with 14 claims still open and under investigation. Locals are now even calling for the lane to be scrapped and recounting their experiences with it online. One person said: "I fell into the road last year, cutting my knee, twisting my ankle and ripping my jeans. "The council were not very helpful or even asked if I was ok. They did suggest that I use the crossing next time." Another added: "I tripped but manage to get my balance. Don’t know whether it was the kerb or cycle lane." One said "That’s just the ones that have been reported.. it’s a daily occurrence pretty much. ''Have seen some pretty nasty falls having worked in one of the shops on the High street." Another person said they had been pushing a wheelchair when they nearly fell. They said: "I was there on Tuesday 25th April. Walked off the kerb while pushing a wheel chair, really dangerous. "You just can’t judge the step especially if you are distracted a really poor design." One partially sighted person added: "I went last week for a shopping trip, nightmare for people partially sighted. Glad I had my sister with me!!!" Despite the public outrage, the council’s cabinet member for economic development, regeneration and growth, Councillor Mark Roper, has defended the lane. He claims that between January and March on average there have only been 2.3 recorded incidents per month. He said: "The new Keynsham High Street cycle lane is built to the government’s current LTN120 standards, and when some early problems were identified with the double kerb down to the road surface, a series of mitigations were put in place which has had the effect of substantially reducing the number of reported incidents. “However we have now commissioned a Stage 4 Road Safety to suggest further improvements and mitigations and prevent any further issues. This will report back early in the next administration. The council takes this issue very seriously and is working hard to deliver further improvements.” Council bosses stated that no insurance claims have currently been settled and no other payments have been made to anyone.