The most incredible pictures from this year's pilgrimage to Hajj

Every year, between two and three million Muslims come together for Hajj, a five-day pilgrimage in Makkah, Saudi Arabia. This year, the event goes on between Wednesday 30 August and Monday 4 September.

Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam – the others are shahadah (declaration of faith); salat (daily prayer); zakat (giving of alms); sawm (fasting in Ramadan). Those who complete the pilgrimage can add the title Hajji to their names.

When Muslims arrive at Hajj, they enter the state of Ihram (purity) by changing into basic white clothes. This signifies that everyone is equal under Allah.

Throughout the five days, pilgrims complete various rituals including stoning the devil (throwing pebbles at three walls known as jamarat) and going to Mount Arafat, where the Prophet Muhammad gave his last sermon, to stand in vigil.

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