Most popular baby names in Devon revealed

The Office for National Statistics has released top baby names for 2022
The Office for National Statistics has released the top baby names for 2022 -Credit:Getty Images

The most popular baby names for parts of Devon have been revealed, according to new figures from the Office for National Statistics (ONS). In East Devon the most popular choice of name for a girl is Olivia or Poppy. While the area's top choice for a boy is Arthur.

The top baby name choices in Exeter are Oliver for a boy and Isla and Rosie for girls. Henry is the most popular boy's name choice in Mid Devon, with Evelyn being the top choice for a girl.

Archie, Freddie, Tommy and William are the top male choices in North Devon. Willow is the top chosen girl's name.

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Arthur for a boy and Poppy for a girl are the most popular names in Plymouth. South Hams it is Daisy, Penelope for the girls and William grabs the top spot for the boys.

Teignbridge parents prefer George or Leo for their boys and Ivy if they have had a girl. Oliver is the most popular choice for a boy in Torbay, with Isla the choice for the girls.

Torridge, it's Noah for the boys and Lily for the girls. And in West Devon Henry or Oliver for the boys, with Ava or Freya for the girls. Arthur and Olivia are the most popular names for newborn babies in the South West.

There were a total of 275 baby girls given the name Olivia in 2022, according to the ONS figures. Florence was the next most popular girl’s name, with 259 newborns. That’s followed by Isla with 257, Lily with 234, and Amelia with 230.

Arthur is the most popular name for newborn boys, with 440 babies receiving that name in 2022. Oliver is the next most popular name for boys with 370, followed by Noah with 367, George with 326, and Leo with 319. Olivia is also the most popular name for newborn girls in England and Wales, but unlike in our region, the nation’s most popular name for baby boys is Noah.

There were 4,586 baby boys given the name Noah in 2022, and 3,289 girls given the name Olivia. Muhammad was the second most popular name for boys (4,177), followed by George (3,699). Amelia was the second most popular name for girls (2,884), followed by Isla (2,613).

You see how different names have changed in popularity over the years by using our interactive chart:

Noah is the top boy’s name in four regions of the country - the North East, the East Midlands, the East of England, and Wales.
Muhammad, meanwhile, is top in the North West, Yorkshire and the Humber, the West Midlands, and London.

George tops the list in the South East, while in the South West it’s Arthur.
Olivia is the top girl’s name in every region of the country except London where it’s Amelia. Amelia is second in every region with the exceptions of London (Olivia), the South East (Isla), the South West (Florence) and Wales (Isla).

Top 10 girls names 2022

1. Olivia: 3,289
2. Amelia: 2,884
3. Isla: 2,613
4. Ava: 2,293
5. Lily: 2,281
6. Ivy: 2,195
7. Freya: 2,162
8. Florence: 1,971
9. Isabella: 1,927
10. Mia: 1,868

Top 10 boys names 2022

1. Noah: 4,586
2. Muhammad: 4,177
3. George: 3,699
4. Oliver: 3,691
5. Leo: 3,610
6. Arthur: 3,603
7. Oscar: 2,883
8. Theodore: 2,835
9. Theo: 2,808
10. Freddie: 2,760

Top 10 boys names in the South West

1. Arthur: 440
2. Oliver: 370
3. Noah: 367
4. George: 326
5. Leo: 319
6. Oscar: 316
7. Theodore: 314
8. Freddie: 312
9. Henry: 297
10. Archie: 296

Top 10 girls names in the South West

1. Olivia: 275
2. Florence: 259
3. Isla: 257
4. Lily: 234
5. Amelia: 230
6. Poppy: 227
7. Ivy: 221
8. Freya: 220
9. Ava: 218
10. Willow: 200