The most popular Gladiators revealed

The BBC One reboot has been hugely popular, but there's a clear favourite in the cast

Who's the most popular new Gladiator? (BBC)
Who's the most popular new Gladiator? (BBC)

BBC One's Gladiators reboot has been a huge hit with viewers, smashing the ratings for its return to TV.

Now, the most popular Gladiators in the new cast have been revealed by their social media followers on show and personal accounts — and it looks like there's a clear favourite with viewers so far.

Following in the footsteps of original series stars Jet and Hunter, 16 super strong athletes have joined the revamped cast to take on a variety of gruelling challenges against the contenders.

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Sabre, Dynamite
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The Gladiators are already picking up plenty of fans. (Hungry Bear)

The series might only be a few episodes in, but plenty of the new Gladiators have already made their mark and amassed a dedicated following on social media.

All of the Gladiators (with the exception of Viper) have two Instagram accounts: An official BBC one to promote their character and the show, and their personal accounts which were established long before they joined the series.

Who is the most popular Gladiator on the 2024 series?

Sabre is far and away the most popular Gladiators according to social media followers. (BBC)
Sabre is far and away the most popular Gladiators according to social media followers. (BBC)

Sabre (Sheli McCoy) has by far the most followers to her show account which has attracted 22,200 fans online, along with 113,000 on her personal account which she uses to promote her own gym.

Following Sabre, the second most popular Gladiator on the show is the 6ft tall Diamond — real name Livi Sheldon who has the second largest number of Instagram followers on her Gladiators account (14,300), bolstered by 26,900 followers on her own page.

Legend (real name Matt Morsia) is another early fan favourite, shown by his impressive 13,900 followers on his official Gladiators Instagram account, and a huge one million followers of his personal account — suggesting he already had a big fanbase before being cast in the show.

Giant is the fourth most popular Gladiator having amassed 12,300 followers on his his official BBC account, which is back up by 149,000 followers on his personal account.

Comet (Ella-Mae Rayner) might be still building her Gladiators followers, but she is another cast member with a huge pre-existing fanbase of 320,000 followers to her personal account.

At the other end of the scale, Viper (Quang Long) is currently at the bottom of the social media popularity list as he had no personal Instagram account and the lowest number of Gladiators fan followers at 3,225. Viper was booed by the crowd on Saturday after breaking the rules by knocking a contender off a podium before the ref's countdown to start had been completed.

The BBC has confirmed that Gladiators is its most successful launch for an entertainment series in seven years, since 2017's Let It Shine which drew in 6.3 million viewers to watch the search for stars of a Take That musical.

Gladiators' first episode has now been watched by 8.7 million, with an average of 6 million tuning in on launch night.

The most popular Gladiator Instagram accounts

  1. Sabre (Sheli McCoy) 22,200

  2. Diamond (Livi Sheldon) 14,300

  3. Legend (Matt Morsia) 13,900

  4. Giant (Jamie Christian Johal) 12,300

  5. Fury (Jodie Ounsley) 11,600

  6. Comet (Ella-Mae Rayner) 9,483

  7. Nitro (Harry Aikines-Aryeetey) 7,699

  8. Steel (Zack George) 6,744

  9. Dynamite (Emily Steel) 6,500

  10. Athena (Karenjeet Kaur Bains) 6,381

  11. Phantom (Toby Olubi) 5,743

  12. Bionic (Matty Campbell) 4,973

  13. Apollo (Alex Gray) 4,809

  14. Electro (Jade Packer) 4,748

  15. Fire (Montell Douglas) 3,440

  16. Viper (Quang Long) 3,225

The Gladiators with the most popular personal Instagram accounts

Gladiators,Gladiators Gallery,LEGEND,** UNDER STRICT EMBARGO UNTIL 19:00 MONDAY 8th JAN **,© Hungry Bear Media Ltd,Nick Eagle
Legend had a huge following even before he joined Gladiators. (BBC)
  1. Legend: 1m

  2. Comet: 320,000

  3. Nitro: 271,000

  4. Steel: 223,000

  5. Giant: 149,000

  6. Sabre: 113,000

  7. Athena: 36,800

  8. Electro: 34,400

  9. Fury: 33,600

  10. Diamond: 26,900

  11. Dynamite: 17,700

  12. Phantom: 9,605

  13. Apollo: 8,507

  14. Fire: 6,559

  15. Bionic: 5,564

  16. Viper: NA

Gladiators airs on BBC One on Saturdays.