Most UK voters haven’t changed their minds about Brexit, says YouGov poll

A protester wearing a hat adorned in Union flags outside Westminster (Picture: PA)

Most UK voters haven’t changed their minds about Brexit, a poll has found.

The study by YouGov revealed that the seemingly interminable debate about Brexit has only served to harden existing opinions.

The majority of voters said they stood by the choice they made in the 2016 EU referendum.

YouGov found that 64% of Remain voters and 57% of Leavers said they are “more sure than I was that I voted the right way”.

In addition, 22% of Remainers and 25% of Leavers said they are about as sure as thy were that they voted the right way.

Only a small slice of those surveyed had doubts about the way they voted three years ago - and even then, not all of them said they would change their minds if given another chance at the ballots.

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Among Remainers, 2% said they are less sure about the way they voted, but not enough to change their vote.

Another 4% said they are unsure to the extent that they would now change their votes.

Anti-Brexit protesters seen wrapped in flags outside the Houses of Parliament (Picture: PA)

For Leavers, 5% are less sure but said they would stick with the decision they made, while another 7% said they would change their mind in another referendum.

“The results generally correspond with wider polling which has shown a small swing to Remain since the referendum,” said YouGov.

The survey of more than 1,800 adults showed that Labour Leave voters and Conservative Remain voters are more likely to have second thoughts.

It found that 12% of Conservative Remain voters would change their vote, compared to 4% of Conservative Leave voters.

And 13% of Labour Leave voters say they would change their vote, compared to only 1% of Labour Remainers.