Mother accused of son’s murder told boyfriend the child would get ‘ass-kicking’

A mother accused of murdering her three-year-old son told her boyfriend that the little boy was going to get an “ass-kicking”, a court heard.

Christina Robinson, 30, is accused of causing a fatal head injury to her son Dwelaniyah at the family home in Ushaw Moor, Durham, in November 2022.

She is also accused of deliberately scalding his legs and buttocks and hitting him with a bamboo cane.

Newcastle Crown Court has heard the married defendant, whose husband serves in the RAF, claims she was allowed to chastise the little boy according to the teachings of the Bible.

Robinson, originally from Tamworth, Staffordshire, was having an affair with Chisom Innocent Onoja, 27, after they met on the OK Cupid dating site.

She told him she was recently separated from her husband, but Mr Onoja said he was unaware that her husband was away serving with the RAF.

He told the court how he visited Robinson three times, travelling from Middlesbrough, and met the little boy, describing him as quiet and reserved.

Before his final visit, Mr Onoja received a message which said Robinson “felt like slapping someone” and she sent him a video of tablets that had been spilt on the floor.

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Her son had swallowed at least one, leading him to vomit.

Robinson told her lover: “Now he is picking up everything and then he is going to get his ass kicking.”

Mr Onoja replied via text: “Come on Chris, he is only a child. Tell him not to do it again.”

Richard Wright KC, prosecuting, asked the witness: “Did you think it was right to kick the ass of a child who had accidentally taken some tablets?”

The boyfriend replied: “No.”

Jurors heard that when Mr Onoja asked her to be “gentle” with the child, she replied: “He will get exactly what he deserves, no more, no less.”

When Mr Onoja visited the home for the last time, just days before Dwelaniyah’s death, the boy was wearing blood-stained bandages on his legs and was in obvious pain from burn injuries, jurors heard.

“He was squinting and grunting a little when he walked,” Mr Onoja said.

“He was limping.

“As he was coming down the stairs, he was holding on to the wall.”

Mr Onoja said Robinson told him she was going to take the little boy to hospital but she had not yet.

She told him her son had burned himself in the shower.

On the day Dwelaniyah died, she messaged Mr Onoja to say she had become pregnant via a sperm donor.

Jamie Hill KC, defending, asked the witness about religious discussions he had with Robinson.

When Mr Hill asked if he was aware that her religious beliefs were based on a strict interpretation of the Bible and being from “one of the lost tribes of Israel” and that she was following the teachings on YouTube, he said he was unaware.

Robinson denies murder and child cruelty.

The trial was adjourned until Monday.