Mother Of The Bride Has Been Savaged By Critics, But Here's Why It's Still Netflix's Number 1 Film

Miranda Cosgrove as Emma and Brooke Shields as Lana in Mother Of The Bride
Miranda Cosgrove as Emma and Brooke Shields as Lana in Mother Of The Bride Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

If there’s one thing you can rely on Netflix for, it’s a so-bad-it’s-good rom-com.

Mother Of The Bride has just arrived on the streaming platform and already reached the number one spot on the UK most-watched films rankings within a matter of days.

The movie follows a mother called Lana (Brooke Shields) who arrives for her influencer daughter’s (Miranda Cosgrove) destination wedding in Thailand, only to discover that the father of the groom is an old ex-boyfriend (Benjamin Bratt).

Directed by Mark Waters – best known for films like Mean Girls and Freaky Friday – Mother Of The Bride also stars Rachael Harris, Sean Teale and One Tree Hill fave Chad Michael Murray as a doctor and fellow resort guest called Lucas (yes, his One Tree Hill namesake!) who also has his eyes on Lana.

Chad Michael Murray in Mother Of The Bride
Chad Michael Murray in Mother Of The Bride Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

However, while it’s clearly had no issues drawing viewers in, it’s also fair to say that critics haven’t exactly been full of love for Mother Of The Bride.

The Guardian called it “middling Netflix mush” and “background fluff”, while The Telegraph insisted: “Brooke Shields doesn’t deserve this wishy-washy rom-com.”

The Daily Beast saw a somewhat brighter side, calling the film “fun (though soulless)”, though Variety said the narrative is “cheaply woven and fairly threadbare”.

Still, just because it didn’t get glowing reviews doesn’t mean we can’t all enjoy a little bit of light-hearted escapism every now and again, which Mother Of The Bride is clearly providing.

“It’s complete brain mush and it’s exactly what I needed today,” one X user shared, while another agreed: “I loved this movie in the cringiest way possible.”

Some fans also said the mushy, half-baked romance provided some light entertainment, while others have unapologetically admitted to simply being there for the pretty setting and all-star cast.

And for others, Chad’s hunky role was enough to get them on board.

Mother Of The Bride is hardly the first rom-com that’s defied critics’ reviews and become a streaming hit.

Irish Wish starring Lindsay Lohan was a pitifully inauthentic depiction of the Emerald Isle, but it enticed viewers all the same.

Or, need we remind you of The Kissing Booth franchise starring Joey King and a pre-EuphoriaJacob Elordi? Those were also panned by critics (and even the Saltburn actor himself) but became hits on the streamer, eventually becoming a trilogy.

And don’t even get us started on the Christmas selection…

Mother Of The Bride is available to watch on Netflix now.