Mother Loses Twin Boys In Abortion Mix Up

Mother Loses Twin Boys In Abortion Mix Up

A healthy 32-week old foetus has been aborted by mistake in a tragic mix up at an Australian hospital.

A mother expecting twin boys was told by doctors one of the babies had a serious congenital heart defect and she decided to have him aborted.

However surgeons on Tuesday accidentally terminated the healthy twin.

The sick twin then also died, reportedly after an emergency caesarean section operation.

The Royal Women's Hospital in Melbourne would not confirm details, but said in a statement: "The Royal Women's Hospital can confirm a distressing clinical accident occurred on Tuesday.

"This is a terrible tragedy and the hospital is deeply sorry for the loss suffered by the patient and her family. We are conducting a full investigation and continue to offer the family and affected staff every support."

The Herald Sun newspaper reported a close friend of the mother said: "She went to hospital with two babies and now she has none.

"And she had the heartache of giving birth to her sick baby. She's traumatised."

According to reports the woman's husband, a nurse, a doctor and the ultrasound clinician, who was apparently inconsolable because of the mistake, were in the operating room at the time of the procedure.

The family is said to be struggling to comprehend how the tragedy happened and is now considering legal action.

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