Mother Pleads For Justice After 5-Year-Old Daughter Fatally Shot Leaving Family Party

The mother of a 5-year-old girl who was killed in Chicago while leaving a family function with her father is calling for “justice” and asking that the suspects turn themselves in, the Chicago Sun-Times reports.

Family members identified Reign Ware as the 5-year-old who was sitting in a parked car early Sunday morning when a black Jeep Cherokee pulled up to the area and began shooting, according to the outlet.

One witness who observed the shooting from his bedroom window told ABC affiliate WLS that it appeared to be an ambush attack.

“Somebody was in the car and got the baby out,” the witness said. “The baby was limp.”

The witness added: “How you going to go through saying I killed a baby? An innocent baby.”

Reign Ware, 5, was killed in a shooting in Chicago early Sunday.
Reign Ware, 5, was killed in a shooting in Chicago early Sunday. GoFundMe

Reign was shot in the abdomen, according to a major incident report shared with HuffPost. She was pronounced dead at a local hospital.

The girl’s father was unharmed, but an unidentified 24-year-old was injured, the Sun-Times reported.

Police told HuffPost that as of Tuesday, no arrest had been made in connection to the incident.

Reign’s family is calling for justice. She was one of nine people who were fatally shot in Chicago over Memorial Day weekend, Fox affiliate WFLD reports.

“We need the mayor, we need the aldermen, we need you guys to really step up and stop the violence,” Reign’s grandmother told WFLD. “We need mothers and grandmothers and everybody to take accountability for where your kids are and what they’re doing, what guns they have. We need you to pay attention. Somebody has to do something.”

Raven Adams, Reign’s mother, wants the shooters to turn themselves in, the Sun-Times reports.

“I just want justice for my baby,” Adams told the Sun-Times. “The violence just has to stop. How long is this going to go on? Until everybody kills everybody? Just let people live.”

Reign’s 9-year-old sister is “devastated” from the family’s loss, Adams wrote in a GoFundMe launched to offset funeral expenses.