Motorcyclist falls off his bike while attempting risky stunt on roundabout

Shocking dashcam footage shows a hapless motorcyclist falling off his bike while attempting a risky stunt on a roundabout. The show-off biker was spotted trying to pull a wheelie on a slip road approaching the roundabout in Lincoln last Sunday (26/2). But he lost control of his vehicle and crashed painfully to the road on his backside, narrowly missing nearby cars. He can then be seen speeding off after climbing back onto the bike and is forced to swerve out of the way of another car. Rachel Smith, 49, caught the moment on her dashcam as she was driving along the A1 into Lincoln. Rachel said: “I was just at the roundabout and this guy came along side me and decided to pull a wheelie. “He fell off and bum surfed the tarmac and then got back on his bike and rode off. “I thought the bike was going to smash into my car at one point - it happened so quick and I thought 'did that really happen?’ “I could just see him out the corner of my eye - I was worried the bike would smash into my car. “It happened at Black Cat roundabout on the A1 – I’m up and down to Lincoln a lot, it’s a well traffic lighted and laned roundabout so it’s fine usually. “I just thought he was an idiot - why would you pull a wheelie on a roundabout. “As it happened and he was bum surfing along the floor, I thought ‘I just want to get home, now I have to call ambulance and make sure he’s alright'. “He had no motorbike gear on - just in jeans, a hoodie and helmet, he must have really hurt his bum. “As he got back on his bike he then nearly crashed into the car in front, it was like a You’ve Been Framed moment.”