Motoring expert's easy four-step hack to nail reverse parking every time

Young business woman having issue and hard time to enter the car on drivers door because of tight parking lot space and space between the cars
One motoring expert's easy four-step hack to nail reverse parking has wowed people -Credit:Getty Images

One motoring expert's trick will have you mastering reverse parking in no time at all.

Reverse parking is often considered one of the most challenging aspects of driving, second only to the dreaded parallel parking. Many drivers find themselves spending precious minutes attempting to align their car with a parking space, only to end up too close to an adjacent vehicle or not straight enough when they finally back in.

Incorrect parking can be a nuisance to other motorists and even hazardous if it leads to bumping into another car, potentially causing an accident. Therefore, it's crucial to park correctly.

Luckily, there's a straightforward method that promises perfect reverse parking every time, and it only involves four simple steps.

Driving specialists from Zutobi have taken to their TikTok account @zutobi to share a handy video guide that demystifies reverse parking. The 42-second clip uses a parking simulation to demonstrate the process while providing commentary on the four "easy" steps required to ace this parking technique consistently.

Although the video was designed with US drivers in mind, showing how to park in a car park, the tips are universally applicable.

They explained: "Step one: activate your turn signal [indicator] and position your car a car-width away from the parked vehicle. Ensure that your brake lights are aligned with those of the other vehicle."

"Step two: turn the steering wheel fully in the direction you want to reverse. Slowly back up, using your mirrors to guide you. Step three: once straightened, return the steering wheel to the centre."

"Step four: continue to reverse until your car is parked neatly in the spot."

While this advice might seem like second nature to experienced drivers who have been effortlessly reverse parking for years, numerous commenters on the post who find the manoeuvre challenging were grateful for the guidance.

One individual commented: "That was so useful! " Another replied: "Very useful, will try. Thank you! ".

Some commenters mentioned that despite being adept at reverse parking, they found other parking methods perplexing. One person remarked: "I love reverse parking, I always do it. The forward parking is what I hate the most, even parallel I prefer."

Meanwhile, another added: "I'm a pro at this parking, but I struggle with parallel."