Motorists only just realising driving rule that could see them get fine in unlikely situation

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Motorists are being warned about a lesser-known driving licence rule that could see novice drivers slapped with penalty points. Clearview Driving School has revealed that motorists who haven't yet passed their test could still accumulate points on their licence for breaking basic rules.

Aman, an instructor at the school, emphasised that learners could face fines and points, with many unaware of this policy. This rule could put newly qualified drivers at risk of disqualification, as any points would carry over to a full licence. The warning was issued on Clearview Driving's TikTok channel, where they provide a variety of top tips.

The revelation came in response to a motorist's question: "Sorry might be a silly question but what happens if a learner speeds and the speed camera catches it? Does the learner pay the fine? ".

Aman clarified: "Did you know that you can get points on your provisional driving licence? " He continued: "So when you're driving with family or with an instructor if you happen to go through a speed camera where you've gone over the speed limit or a traffic light where there is a camera, they are going to get a letter through the post asking who was driving at the time," reports the Express.

He added: "They will have to give your details so be careful when you're out and about." As per GOV. UK, any penalty points issued on a provisional licence that hasn't expired will be transferred to your full licence once you pass your test.

However, should new drivers accumulate six or more points within two years of passing their test, their licence will be revoked. This puts learner drivers at risk of facing disqualification before even receiving their full licence if they accrue points during their instruction period.

However, driving instructor Aman firmly stated that such a scenario had never occurred with any of her students, adding the tutors would "never allow this to happen" as all their training cars are equipped with dual controls.

Plenty of motorists have since come forward with their own experiences and have shared stories of times when they've also run foul of this rule. @scottishsmurf admitted unknowingly breaking the rule early on in their lessons: "Yeah I didn't know this until my driving instructor told me when I went [through] an amber light before it just turned red lol I had just started learning."

Another Instagram user @ldan85 highlighted how their instructor warned them about the consequences but also promised to shoulder the financial penalty if such a situation ever arose: "My instructor warned me of this but said if it ever happened he's taken the fine as he should have stopped me but I'd have to take the points. It never did happen tho."

However, not all were let off lightly as @binuu2012 recalls how they were caught speeding while still learning: "I was a learner, speed [camera] caught me, my instructor made me pay the fine fully, get a point and put all the blame onto me for speeding."

Others like @statingjustfacts and @shn2027 recounted instances where they exceeded the specified speed limit during their lessons which could have otherwise resulted in penalties accorded to rider violations. @statingjustfacts confessed: "I sped on a dual carriageway on my lesson."

whereas @shn2027 narrowly escaped a fine for overspeeding: "I drove at 60mph whereas the speed limit was 50mph. It was during my driving test. Luckily, did not get fine or any point."