Moygashel: PSNI issue statement after mock police car put on top of Eleventh night bonfire

Mocked up police car on top of the bonfire in Moygashel
-Credit: (Image: Jonathan Porter/Press Eye)

The PSNI says it is aware a car has been put on top of a bonfire in Co Tyrone. Pictures show the silver Vauxhall Vectra, which has been mocked-up to look like a police car, sitting on top of pallets and tyres atop the Moygashel pyre.

Pictures of a PSNI officer with rainbow face paint and a former politician have been placed inside the windows, but these images have been pixelated so as not to cause offence.

It is understood the vehicle was hoisted to the top of the lofty structure on Tuesday night.

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District Commander for Mid Ulster Superintendent Michael O’Loan told Belfast Live: "Police are aware of a vehicle being placed on a bonfire in the Main Road area of Moygashel.

"We will continue to engage with the landowner, statutory partners and the local community to ensure members of the public and residents are kept safe."

Last year, those behind the Moygashel bonfire put a boat on top of it emblazoned with the message "Good Friday Agreement? That ship has sailed" along with a tricolour and picture of former Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

The bonfire is due to be lit on July 10th
The bonfire is due to be lit on July 10th -Credit:Jonathan Porter/Press Eye

While the 2023 display also included a mock copy of the 1998 accord with the words "null and void" printed over it and banner which read "Moygashel says ‘No’ to Irish Sea border".

Loyalist activist Jamie Bryson addressed those gathered to watch Moygashel bonfire being lit last year and described this year's installation as "artistic expression" to "make a political point".

He posted on X: "This year they reject the Surrendering the Union deal & two tier policing, hoisting a police car on-top of their structure."

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