'Mozart Level' Prodigy With Autism Tries Out $15,000 Grand Piano Gifted by Tuner

An 11-year-old with autism was filmed by his father at their home in Aurora, Colorado, where he tried out the $15,000 grand piano that was gifted to him, right after his generous donor finished tuning the instrument.

Jude Kofie went viral in September of 2022, when Denver7 reported that his parents had walked in on him one day playing on an old keyboard he found in the basement, having never received piano lessons before.

Jude’s story was viewed by piano tuner Bill Magnusson, who contacted the station and asked to speak to the family. Magnusson then used his father’s inheritance to buy the young prodigy a grand piano.

Magnusson described Jude’s talent as being “Mozart level” and said that the boy deserved the very best.

This video was recorded by Jude’s father, Isaiah Kofie. It shows the 11-year-old practicing the instrument after Magnusson finishes tuning the grand piano. Kofie uploaded the heart-warming footage to Jude’s Instagram account with the caption, “after Bill was done tuning the grand piano, it was time for us to try our hands on it. It was SUPERB.” Credit: Isaiah Kofie via Storyful

Video transcript

- After I play this, and you can play it too, OK?

- OK, I'll just watch. [INAUDIBLE]. What's in there?


- Nice.

- Wow