Who is my new MP in Scotland? Check your area and all constituencies

After a gruelling six-week campaign, the 2024 General Election is over and most constituencies in Scotland have been declared.

A count in the Highlands is restarting on Saturday, which means there will be no final result confirmed today. But as Friday dawned, most other Scottish voters will know who is representing them in Westminster.

The election map has changed drastically since 2019 as Labour gained ground and the SNP lost dozens of seats. Check our our handy tool for a quick way to look up Scotland's new MPs.

To see the results in your area, enter your postcode or constituency name into the widget below. The winner in your constituency and the results for every candidate will appear, as well as the number of majority votes and turnout.

So far, 56 constituencies have been declared. Labour won 37, SNP nine, Liberal Democrats five, and Conservative five. The General Election was a stunning loss for the SNP, as Labour swapped seats red across the map. Labour won seats across the central belt, including all six of Glasgow's constituencies.

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