Mr Blobby appears on This Morning and causes complete chaos

Holly Willoughby was in shock as the 90s icon ran amok

Watch below: Mr Blobby causes chaos on This Morning live on air

Mr Blobby made a special appearance on This Morning and caused complete and utter chaos during the broadcast.

The 90's TV icon appeared on the show during a segment fronted by Alice Beer about selling items online and grabbed a vase and smashed it on the floor.

Mr Blobby then turned to hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby, giving Willoughby a big hug before wrecking more of the set.

Mr Blobby and Alice Beer on This Morning. (Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)
Mr Blobby and Alice Beer on This Morning. (Ken McKay/ITV/Shutterstock)

Willoughby commented: "I’ve never missed Mr Blobby before and I’m really excited. He was my Gangnam Style, he was my Baby Shark."

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Mr Blobby then interrupted Carol Vorderman as she presented (or attempted to) her phone-in portion of the show about relationships.

Mr Blobby causing havoc on This Morning. (ITV)
Mr Blobby causing havoc on This Morning. (ITV)

The giant pink man then attempted to hug Vorderman before deciding to block the camera from seeing the former Countdown star.

Mr Blobby appeared after an original costume of the character was sold on eBay last week for £61,000. While an original costume, it is subject to certain restrictions due to Mr Blobby being copyrighted.

The listing said: "Mr Blobby is trademarked, and therefore subject to copyright. This costume/prop can only be for personal home display use. There can be no unauthorised use – including but not limited to hiring out, lending, public exhibition or any performances. The buyer will be required to sign their agreement of this."

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Mr Blobby was a pop culture icon in 90's Britain. (Getty)

Mr Blobby debuted on Noel's House Party in 1992 and due to his popularity would appear on other shows such as Lovejoy and Keeping Up Appearances. The character was dropped from the final series of House Party in 2000 but returned for the final episode.

Since the cancellation of Noel's House Party, Mr Blobby has continued to make guest appearances across British culture and has been used in advertising by brands such as Tesco and Virgin Trains.