Mrs Hinch fans share 9p hack to clean air fryers in minutes

A person using an air fryer
Putting sliced and frozen potatoes in the Airfryer for frying. Making healthy food without frying using oil. -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

A golden trick that calls for no scrubbing and merely 'takes five minutes' to clean air fryers, which have rapidly become a staple in British homes, has been shared. Their portability, efficient energy usage compared to conventional ovens, and the convenience they provide for preparing quick snacks like crispy wedges are all appealing features.

However, the downside is the struggle of having stubborn grease and burnt food engraved onto the basket, which can be tricky to clean, reports the Mirror. For anyone grappling with an air fryer that's seen better days, Mrs Hinch's followers are lauding a 9p hack touted to rejuvenate your gadget back to its pristine state.

In a post on the Mrs Hinch Army Cleaning Tips Facebook page, a curious user enquired if the strategy of nestling a dishwasher tablet in your air fryer basket and allowing it 'soak' off the grim works effectively. According to the responses from the comments section, this viral tip indeed seems to do the magic.

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One pleased individual penned: "I do it all the time with hot water leave to soak and wash next morning," while another added: "I have and yes it does work. It's also good for lots of burnt-on food," asserting that the grime loosens within five minutes - sans any 'scrubbing'

Dishwasher tablets are readily available from a myriad of supermarkets and online retailers such as Poundland, who currently stocks 42 Fairy Platinum Plus All-in-One Dishwasher Tablets for a mere £4 - equating to just 9p per clean.

Earlier this year, cleaning guru Ciara Turley became an internet sensation after sharing her 'toxin-free cleaning hack', cautioning Brits against heating washing up liquid and water in the air fryer to dissolve grease. Instead, Turley suggests adding a 'squirt' of washing-up liquid into the air fryer basket (completely detached from the appliance), along with a tablespoon of baking powder.

She then fills the basket with boiling water and leaves it for 20 minutes. "I do this all the time, it's brilliant," one fan gushed in the comments section. "Just doing this now! Great way for a deep clean," another chimed in. A third added: "This is amazing. Makes it so easy to clean [my] air fryer."

Baking powder can be purchased from most supermarkets, but if you prefer online shopping, you can grab a pack of two Dr Oetker Baking Powder for £5.99 and a pack of three Fairy Original Washing Up Liquids for £9.29 on Amazon.