Mrs Hinch fans share 'easy' 10 minute patio cleaning tip - without a pressure washer

Before and after jet washing a patio with an effective result.
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After enduring weeks of wet and windy conditions, many patios across the UK are looking rather neglected.

With forecasters predicting a heatwave to sweep across the country next week, now is the perfect opportunity to spruce up your patio or decking area in time for barbecue season and outdoor gatherings.

Yet, tackling tough stains, algae, and moss on patios can often prove to be a challenging task. Bearing this in mind, devotees of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch have divulged their straightforward and speedy approach to getting patios sparkling clean.

In the 'Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips' Facebook group, Elaine Chalk posed the question: "Best Patio cleaner, please? ".

Her query quickly received a flood of suggestions, but one product repeatedly recommended was Monty Miracle, reports the Express.

Georgia Ettridge enthused: "Monty Miracle is by far my favourite! " She continued: "...Then rinse it after 10 minutes."

Elaine Rider offered her endorsement: "Monty Miracle cleaner is the best. Honestly, it's so easy to use and so quick. No jet-washing, just spray, leave 10 minutes and rinse away with a hosepipe."

She went on to say: "You will never use anything else again. I was recommended it and wow I was amazed at the result. This is my patio before and after."

To illustrate her point, Elaine shared a striking before-and-after photo of her patio. The initial picture showed the patio marred by dark stains, while the subsequent image revealed a transformation to an immaculate condition.

For those interested in purchasing Monty Miracle patio cleaner, it is available online as well as in various hardware stores. Prices for Monty Miracle Fast Patio Cleaner are listed at £31.49 from B&Q and £29.69 from Amazon.

Mrs Hinch enthusiasts have shared their top tips for sprucing up garden slabs, with suggestions ranging from Wet and Forget to bleach, Patio Magic, a pressure washer, and soda crystals.

Christina McManus recommended: "I've just done mine with Wet and Forget yesterday and they have came up great, I left it on all night and rinsed it this morning."

Ann Stanton advised: "If it's in need of a clean first, neat bleach, a stiff broom, jet wash then Patio Magic or Wet and Forget to keep it clean."

In response, Ann Miles suggested: "Jet wash. Before I bought one I would empty a whole bottle of good bleach mix in hot water in a large watering can and wet each slab. Just leave it to dry and hose down."

Karen Sutton offered her method: "Soda crystals in hot water. Stiff broom and scrub and rinse off."

Wet and Forget has previously been endorsed by Mrs Hinch fans, who have praised the product for being "easy to use".