Mrs Hinch fans swear by unusual coin method that 'keeps flies out of the house'

It's thought the method can trick flies into thinking there's a predator nearby
It's thought the method can trick flies into thinking there's a predator nearby -Credit:NurPhoto via Getty Images

The warmer weather and long nights of summer are always something to look forward to - but alongside the perks of the coming months, pests are also part of the package.

Flies can be a particular problem at this time of year, putting a dampener on days out in the sunshine by buzzing in our ears and landing on our food. Every household has its own way of deterring these winged nuisances, from branded repellents to homemade remedies such as vinegar and dish soap - but one fan of Mrs Hinch has shared a particularly unusual method that they swear by.

The tip, which simply involves some loose change and a plastic sandwich bag, was shared on a Facebook group dedicated to fans of the cleaning expert after another member asked for advice on dealing with flies. Apparently, the mere sight of some coins hung up in a bag is enough to keep flies away due to its resemblance to the home of one of their predators, the Daily Record reports.

The Mrs Hinch fan explained: "Put a few pennies in a clear bag in water and hang it up - you need to change the water every now and then though. Flies and wasps think it's a wasp nest and stay away!"

It's also thought that this method may help to keep flies away because the pennies and water refract light, which can confuse the insects due to their compound eyesight by giving the impression that something is moving nearby.

A second group member echoed: "Put some copper coins in a food bag with water and hang them on door frames. Works a treat, I have had no flies in my house for years!"

And someone who had tried out the unconventional hack for themselves shared: "I did this today, I hung it in the centre of the French doors into the conservatory. I've only seen one fly today, well worth a try!"

Another method praised by the group was the use of fly curtains, while an old trick that other households swear by involves filling a bowl with vinegar or honey mixed with dish soap that flies will be attracted to and trapped in thanks to the strong smell. It's also said that the scent of some plants helps to drive flies away, so you can be strategic with your gardening by planting the likes of marigolds, lavender, basil and mint.

However, pest control company Rentokil advises that keeping your home clean is the best way to keep flies at bay, making sure to remove any decaying foods from your kitchen such as meat, fruit and vegetables, as well as tempting sugary substances like overripe fruit and spilled soft drinks. It's also worth considering checking your windows and doors and sealing any cracks or crevices to reduce the number of entry points for flies to creep in.