MTG’s Boyfriend Re-Emerges With Job at Yet Another Fringe MAGA Network

Real America’s Voice
Real America’s Voice

Two weeks after abruptly leaving pro-Trump streaming channel Right Side Broadcasting Network, MAGA Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s paramour Brian Glenn has resurfaced at yet another fringe outlet.

This time, he is the national campaign correspondent for far-right cable network Real America’s Voice.

Besides covering former President Donald Trump’s campaign rallies for RAV, Glenn will host a show featuring Trump acolytes and conservative provocateurs including Steve Bannon, Jack Posobiec, and Charlie Kirk.

In a clip announcing his arrival at RAV on Monday, Glenn made it clear that his show would be about one thing and one thing only.

“Hi, America, it’s Brian Glenn. I’m excited to announce that I’m coming here to Real America’s Voice,” he declared. “That’s right, from all things Trump—from the rallies to the interviews to the on-ground coverage—to all things happening on Capitol Hill.”

Though busy making headlines of her own with an unhinged exchange with Dr. Anthony Fauci, Greene did find time on Monday morning to proudly tweet about her boyfriend’s new job. “Very excited to see @brianglenntv join Real America’s Voice!” Greene wrote. “Big things to come!!”

While promoting his upcoming show, titled Saving America with Brian Glenn and premiering this summer, Glenn made the rounds of RAV’s programming on Monday, beginning with Bannon’s War Room broadcast.

“We’re going to be on the campaign trail with President Trump. Wherever he goes, you’re likely to see me,” Glenn later boasted on Kirk’s show. “We’re going to give the viewer a sense of being there.”

In another appearance with Posobiec, the alt-right conspiracy theorist who helped bring Pizzagate to prominence, Glenn claimed his new program would be about going “back to those days where America was prosperous” and “a time where America was first.”

Posobiec welcomed Glenn to RAV by offering him a “White Boy Summer” baseball cap, adding that it is based on “some memes.”

“It’s the nostalgia of just having a great American summer. That’s all it is. And that’s when America was at its best. We’re talking 1980s. We’re talking, you know, Miami Vice with the open jackets,” Posobiec explained. “That’s when this country was focused on the future. We were talking about progress. We were talking about going forward to the stars. We were cleaning up our country… and then somewhere along the line, cough, Barack Obama, cough, we decided to turn inward.”

Glenn’s re-emergence on Real America’s Voice comes two weeks after he shocked fans of RSBN by announcing at the top of his coverage of the NRA convention that it would be his last day with the streamer. While he wouldn’t divulge his next destination at the time, he did promise viewers that toeing the MAGA line would remain at the top of his agenda.

“I’m not at the liberty yet to tell you where I’m going, but just know that the American people, Trump, and speaking the truth is still going to be at the forefront of what I do,” he proclaimed.

Glenn’s star had definitely been on the rise within pro-Trump circles after he began dating Greene last year. Described by Politico this past spring as “the next big MAGA media star,” Glenn has also described himself as the other half of “MAGA America’s favorite couple.”

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