MTG Is Furious Biden Wants to Stop Airlines From Charging Families Extra to Sit Together

If there’s one thing most Americans can agree on, it’s that airlines have gotten way too comfortable charging extra for things that were once considered basic amenities. Junk fees run rampant in the industry. Everything from luggage, to itinerary changes, to how fast you can check in can now potentially carry an additional charge. So when President Joe Biden’s administration proposed eliminating seat selection fees for families with children, you’d think self-declared pro-family Republicans might not take issue.

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) isn’t a fan, though.

“What’s next? Joe Biden using his power as president to demand kids eat free at all restaurants too? Why don’t you do your job and CLOSE THE BORDER instead of pandering for votes!!!” Greene wrote Monday on X, formerly Twitter. It’s worth noting that Greene is currently opposing a massive Biden-endorsed border reform package making its way through the Senate, despite her calls for action on immigration.

“You ought to be able to fly with your child – and sit next to them – without paying an additional fee,” Biden wrote earlier Monday on X. “It’s time all airlines offered fee-free family seating.”

“Have you ever bought tickets for a big game based on one price, but then noticed it ticked up at checkout due to hidden fees?” the President added in another post. “Economists call that ‘drip pricing’ and companies use it to rip you off. Under my Administration, we’re putting an end to those hidden junk fees.”

In October, the White House announced a push to eliminate junk fees and increase rate transparency for consumers across various industries. The initiative includes a proposed rule that would require companies to show the full price of a product, fare, or ticket up front and bar them from “charging hidden and misleading fees.” Last month, Biden took things a step further by proposing a new rule that would “rule that would end excessive overdraft fees” by banks and other financial institutions.

The proposal to eliminate fees for families looking to book plane seats together was originally introduced in March of last year, to widespread opposition from commercial airlines.

Greene continued to rail against the proposal to stop charging parents to sit next to their kids later on Monday. “Take the POTUS social media accounts away from the 20 year olds that don’t understand ANYTHING about business! Lord help us,” she wrote.

Hopefully, more parents will find themselves having a smoother travel experience in the future. Lord help whoever ends up next to Greene on a flight.

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