How much passports will cost as fees rise today - and trick to save £11.50

A close up of a biometric UK passport cover
Passport fees have risen today (April 11) -Credit:Getty

Passport fees have officially risen today with holidaymakers now forced to pay more - but how much will you have to pay and is there a way to get it cheaper?

If you need to renew your travel document, adult passport have increased by £7 and a child’s by £5. However, there is a way to get it cheaper.

The cheapest way to apply for a new passport is through the government's website, with paper applications costing £10.50 more, or £11.50 more alongside the April increases.

The website states: "It’s £11.50 cheaper to apply for a passport online than by post". So how much will it cost you to renew your passport as of Thursday, April 11?

How much will it cost me to renew my passport?

Standard online application:

  • Adult: £82.50 to £88.50 (+£6)

  • Child: £53.50 to £57.50 (+£4)

Standard postal application:

  • Adult: £93 to £100 (+£7)

  • Child: £64 to £69 (+£5)

Fast track (one-week service)

  • Adult: £155 to £166.50 (+£11.50)

  • Child: £126 to £135.50 (+£9.50)

Premium (same-day service)

  • Adult: £193.50 to £207.50 (+£14)

How to renew your passport

Nearly 850,000 missed out on getting cheaper passport last year, according to new data from (MSE), of which Martin Lewis is a founder of.

Their research revealed more than seven million people saved money by applying online instead of using a paper application.

You can apply for a passport online here. The website confirms: "If your passport is burgundy or has ‘European Union’ on the cover, you can continue to use it until it expires."

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