How much do you need to have in your savings to feel financially prepared?

What would it take to feel financially prepared? New research has found the average American feels prepared for the worst once they have $5,078 saved up. The poll of 2,000 employed Americans split evenly by generation (500 Gen Z, 500 millennials, 500 Gen X and 500 baby boomers) found Gen Zers need at least $4,286 in their bank account at any given time to feel prepared. Meanwhile, baby boomers would like to have almost $6,500 ($6,490.70) and Gen X would feel most secure with closer to $5,000 ($4,910.10). Conducted by Talker Research on behalf of Chime, results found 63% believe they could afford to cover an unexpected, $500 expense — although 30% of them admit it would put a strain on their finances.