Mulligans closes its doors

May 3—LIMA — A local couple opened a bar in 2007. Jody and Christine Franklin began their business, Mulligans Irish Pub, on High Street downtown. On April 27, the bar had its "last final call."

"The experience has been great," Christine said. "We didn't quite know what we would get into in the beginning. It was tough but the people we have met have just been incredible. My husband and I owned and ran it. We were always there."

The couple jointly operated the business sacrificing many free weekends for the community.

"We have always created a very safe and fun environment," Christine said. "We really didn't have any issues at all. We never even had the police called because we were always there and around."

The Franklins moved their business to its newest location on Metcalf Street. Christine said the business opened there five years ago.

"We wanted more parking and a bigger building," Christine said. "A lot of our old customers followed us there and we met so many new customers. The new building sat empty for so long. The businesses near us were thankful we made it nice again."

In recent years, Mulligans became known for its creative signage outside of the pub. Christine said as the owners, they decided to use the signs for the community to enjoy.

"Everyone loved the signs," Christine said. "I think they will miss that more than me. We started it just to make everyone smile. There is too much negativity in the world. It was right after COVID when we started that."

In retirement, the couple hopes to enjoy vacations and time with family.

"I am so thankful for everyone in the community and the support from our family and friends," Christine said. "We could not have done it for almost 20 years without them. It made us successful. We worked hard to make it a nice, safe environment. We are going to miss that."

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