One dead and more than a dozen injured after driver rams stolen 18 wheeler into Texas office

One dead and more than a dozen injured after driver rams stolen 18 wheeler into Texas office

A stolen tractor-trailer rammed into a Texas public safety office, leaving one dead and at least a dozen injured.

The suspect had allegedly stolen the 18-wheeler across from the Department of Public Safety office in Brenham just before 12.30pm on Friday, with deputies chasing the vehicle before it ploughed into the office which issues drivers licences.

Clenard Parker, 42, from Chapel Hill, had been to the office on Thursday, officials said at a briefing a couple of hours after the crash.

“While he was there, the divers licence staff did advise Parker that he was not eligible to renew his commercial driver’s licence,” Sergeant Justin Ruiz told reporters, adding that the reason for that was under investigation.

After crashing the vehicle into the building, injuring all 14 people inside, officials said Mr Parker pulled away from the building and appeared to be redying to strike again.

Brenham mayor Atwood C. Kenjura thanked first responders for preventing further tragedy.

“Our fire chief mentioned that if [the suspect] had veered a little bit to the left a second time, there would have been a collapse of that building,” the mayor said.

Texas state Sen Lois Kolkhorst, who represents Brenham, called the incident “an intentional, criminal act” after speaking to law enforcement officials.

“That office right there is something known to the mayor and I and everyone in Brenham,” the Senator told reporters. “We’ve taken our children to get their driver’s licence there, I’ve gotten my driver’s licence there. It’s a place of public service.”

She then thanked law enforcement for doing everything they could to respond to the incident.

The suspect has been arrested, DPS said, adding “there is no further threat to the community.”

Senator Kolkhorst said that the suspect would be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

Three people were reported to be in critical condition and four others suffered serious injuries, while eight received treatment at the scene.

Mr Parker faces multiple felony offences.