Mum and baby daughter almost crushed after falling between a train and platform

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This is the moment a mum and her baby daughter were almost crushed to death after falling between a moving train and the platform. 

CCTV footage shows the young mum stepping off the train as it pulls up to the station.

But seconds later she is dragged along the platform after getting her hair caught in the door.

Commuters race towards the pair in a bid to save them but within seconds are pulled through the gap. 

As the train continues to grind to a halt at Charbagh railway station, Lucknow, north India, frightened onlookers frantically peer down at the tracks to locate the woman and child. 

Travellers can be seen dangling their heads out of the window as dozens more flock to the scene, before the train eventually ground to a halt twenty-five seconds after the fall. 

Miraculously the unnamed woman and her child survived the fall without any major injuries. 

The footage was filmed on September 18, 2021. 

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