Mum who 'can't get job because of tattoos' shares throwback photo before inkings

A mum addicted to getting new tattoos has left people stunned with a throwback photo of herself before her extensive inkings - and the transformation is remarkable. Melissa Sloan, 45, claims she 'can't secure employment' due to the designs that adorn most of her body, including her face.

Over time, she's spent numerous hours under the needle and has even begun to cover her old designs as she's run out of space - but Melissa isn't finished yet.

She admits receiving odd looks on the street and encountering unkind comments, but this won't deter her. She plans to add another tattoo soon - a crucifix just below her right eye. She recently shared a glimpse of her appearance before her face was covered in tattoos.

The mother-of-two, who spent [part of her childhood in Hanley, revealed that her tattoos are mostly done 'prison style' by her boyfriend at home nowadays, and she also does some herself.

She said: "I'm going to get another one done tomorrow. I'm getting a cross under my eye, it'll be a simple one - like a crucifix. I don't know if I'm religious, I just like crosses - I usually opt for hearts or roses, but now I'll get crosses for a while.

"I go with the flow, whatever I like I put on my face. I go with the inspiration, There's space left so I'll put it on. It's free, I do it myself - or my boyfriend does it, he's been trained to do it - he's been doing it for years.We have our own machine and everything, it keeps the cost down."

"It's expensive now isn't it, I'm having the cross tomorrow - that would cost £60 to £70 at a tattooist but it will only cost me ink now, which is about £10 a bottle and a needle which is £10 a box, so I guess it will cost me about £1 I should think.

"I've got too many tattoos now, too many to count. I've gone over ones I've already had. I'll never stop, I tattooed over them because I'd ran out of space.

"I get adrenaline from it, I get a buzz, and I feel brilliant, then it wears off again in a couple of days' time and I do it again.

"People call me Crazy Melissa, but I just feel like Melissa - that's who I am. If they don't like it, they don't have to look at me - I take no notice. There are some judgemental people out there, they judge you whatever. People stare at me, you get used to it."

She sports striking designs including flowers and an England flag on her face, and boasts a large Kray twins piece on her leg, one dedicated to Playboy bunnies, and cartoon marijuana leaves on her head - her collection is ever-expanding.

Chatting with the Daily Star previously, Melissa confessed: "I have three tattoos a week. It's like when you have a fag or a drink, you get addicted. I can't stop it now, it's addictive, for me anyway. I just can't stop it.

"I carry the [tattoo] gun around with me in the boot, I'll get one in the car or anywhere. My boyfriend does them, he does my tattoos prison style."

Melissa acknowledged that her passion for tattoos has impacted her life, as she gets odd stares and has trouble maintaining employment due to her extensive body art.

She added: "I can't get a job. They won't have me. I applied for a job cleaning toilets where I live and they won't have me because of my tattoos.

"The first job I had was cleaning ages ago, cleaning toilets. People have said I have never had a job in my life, I have had one once and it didn't last long. But, if someone offered me a job tomorrow I would go and work I would take that offer."

"I expected this in life, I can't fit in with people as I like to be me and I'm always going to be myself. They don't have to listen to me. But I'm not going anywhere."

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