Mum discovers Apple AirTag on nine year old son with chilling engraving

The mum, who has warned fellow parents over TikTok, says the engraving on the Apple device was the scariest bit.
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A mum has shared an alarming warning to other parents after she found an Apple AirTag attached to her nine year old son complete with a 'chilling' engraving. The alarming discovery was made during a family trip to the Fort Worth Zoo, which she detailed in a TikTok video that has since gone viral.

Diamond Williams, the concerned mother, initially thought little of it when she heard something drop from her buggy but later realised the gravity of the situation. She had checked with relatives and close friends, only to confirm that none of them had purchased the tracking device for her son Jaxson, reports Birmingham Live.

After a neighbour's advice, she decided to inform the police about the unsettling incident. Diamond recounted on TikTok: "I realised that this is not something that anybody that he knows gave to him or me. This is something that was put on our things."

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The incident has prompted her to alert other parents as such scams appear to be on the rise. She emphasised the importance of trusting one's instincts, advising her followers: "Trust your intuition. If you find an air tag on you, don't assume that you bought it and forgot, because no one does that."

She further warned: "If you find an air tag on you and you didn't know about it, odds are someone else put it there." The revelation that criminals might be using AirTags to track children has been a shock to many, with the police confirming they have received several reports of similar cases.

Diamond has also received messages from other mothers who have encountered similar alarming incidents. Adding to the concern, she revealed that the device found in her son's pram was engraved with his initials. The cautionary tale has spread rapidly after being widely shared by worried parents.