Mum divides the internet with her screen time tip, proving parents will never agree on this topic

 Girl smiling while she looks at her iPad.
Girl smiling while she looks at her iPad.

One mum shared a screen time tip online, and received some very negative responses in return. The aftermath of the video proves this topic will always remain divisive among parents.

It feels like the subject of screens dominates chat and debate between both parents and experts. The experts offer tips to set screen time boundaries, for the caregivers who really want to reduce screen time, while other parents are more liberal with time spent online. The concerns are understandable - the effects of screens are a growing area of research, and the implications on health and development still aren't totally clear. However, there is still some solid evidence available to inform parents making up their minds about which technology to allow in their homes, and there are proven benefits of screen time.

However, whatever you read or whatever your personal choices when it comes to technology, there will always be someone disagreeing with you. One mum sharing a screen time tip to Instagram, proved this point perfectly. Mum Anneliese King, shared an app she'd been using with her followers, that her children loved. While they were engrossed in the app, King was pleased that she could get things done around the house, and even showed herself having a sip of wine.

King wrote in the post "No disrespect to my screen free parents, but screens are literally the only way I get ANYTHING done." Holding her laundry basket, she adds "For the first time I can actually do this without feeling guilty." The internet instantly fell into two distinct camps - one side agreed that anything that helped King though her tasks was to be celebrated, and another instantly branding her a bad mother.

One man commented "Getting 'things done' isn’t that hard without screens, and putting your kid in front of an iPad is giving up on parenting," while another added "Your kids are going to be blind by the time their eyes fully develop, also go to an AA meeting, you may need it."

In support of the post, one mother wrote "Hey you got to get stuff done. I know this feeling all too well," with another joining in with "Feels. Thanks so much for the suggestion." Other comments were simply supportive that no guilt was required over the use of screens to get tasks done.

King's entire Instagram account with over 400,000 followers, shares the light-hearted moments of parenting in an amusing way - she herself admits her posts shouldn't be taken too seriously. She also appears acutely aware that some of what she has to say will incite negative comments from internet strangers who disagree with how she raises her children.

On another post, the popular mum wrote "There's something so peaceful about waking up and just living your life how you want, without giving AF if you're annoying some random stranger that doesn't even matter." When it comes to anyone's opinion over choices about raising kids, these seem like appropriate words to live by.

Research reveals how parents and teens approach screen time, and we share the differences. Some screens could be better for kids than others, and experts agree on a technology swap parents can make if they don't want to take away screens altogether. For more information on how to keep kids safe online, we have some top tips.