Mum left shocked after buying loaf of bread full of crusts

The unusual loaf of bread was full of crusts. (Timea Ganji/BBC)

A woman was shocked to open her loaf of sliced Kingsmill bread to find it was full of crusts.

The mother from Radcliffe-on-Tent in Nottinghamshire was left startled by the number of crusts when she opened the loaf of bread to make lunch for her children.

Timea Ganji said: “It’s not funny first thing in the morning, when you have half an hour to get the kids to school and there’s no time to get another loaf.”

Kingsmill has said they are looking into the issue and sent the mother a “more conventional loaf”.

Bread is top of the list of our most wasted household food items. (GETTY)

Speaking to the BBC, Ms Ganji said: “It just looked like a normal loaf when we bought it.

“Because of the yellow packaging, you can’t see it properly. You can see it’s sliced, but you couldn’t see it is all just crusts.

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“Then, in the morning, I just wanted some toast and to make sandwiches and I was just staring at it. I don’t really understand how it can happen.”

A Kingsmill spokeswoman said the firm was investigating “to find out how this particular collection of crusts found its way into Mrs Ganji’s shopping”.

The UK is currently striving to reduce its annual £20 billion food waste bill and bread is one of the most wasted items in the chain.

Around 44% of all bread is thrown away as people do not use it before it goes stale.