Mum logged on to Facebook and learnt shocking truth about her daughter's dad

Vanessa paid the musician £140 for his sperm
-Credit: (Image: Netflix)

A notorious serial sperm donor, believed to have fathered up to 1,000 children, convinced at least one woman to conceive 'in the natural way'. The new Netflix documentary, The Man With 1,000 Kids, which premiered on the streaming platform today, delves into the story of Dutch conman Jonathan Meijer.

The programme features interviews with numerous women who were duped by Meijer and ended up having his children.

Meijer, a globetrotter seemingly on a mission to father as many children as possible through sperm banks, told hundreds of women he would only donate sperm to five mothers. However, the actual figure is over 500 and could be significantly higher.

The 42 year old musician and YouTuber argues that the documentary unfairly portrays him, insisting he's done "absolutely nothing wrong". He criticised the documentary's title, saying it should be 'The sperm donor who helped families conceive with 550 children', accusing the filmmakers of deliberate deception and misleading information.

The number of children that Meijer has fathered is unknown  estimates range between 500 and 1,000
Meijer charmed Vanessa with flirty messages -Credit: 2024 Netflix, Inc.

He claimed Netflix selectively featured five mothers unhappy with the situation, instead of interviewing "the 225 families that I've helped.", reports the Mirror.

One interviewee, a middle-aged Dutch woman named Vanessa, shared how she was charmed by Meijer's persuasive manner.

"From a very young age, I always wanted to be a mum," she revealed. "It's difficult to describe, it's just something that is there.

"I didn't find a man that would have kids with me, but the older I got the desire to have kids became very strong. What went on in my mind was just crazy."

She remembered how Meijer used various pseudonyms when messaging to arrange the donation. Vanessa later learned from him that Jonathan was his first name, Jacob his middle name, and Walter a made-up moniker.

He justified the use of different names by saying he wished to keep his sperm donations separate from his personal life. "It made total sense," Vanessa expressed.

Vanessa, like many others who received sperm donations from the charming musician, found herself drawn to his easy-going nature: "He was so easy to talk to ... like a guy next door. He could be a friend.

"I wasn't looking for looks," she clarified. "I wanted to have a donor in the best interests of the donor child" However, her interactions with the world-travelling blogger and Bitcoin enthusiast "felt really good."

Meijer charmed Vanessa with flirty messages
Meijer charmed Vanessa with flirty messages -Credit:Netflix

Vanessa, along with many others, was captivated by Meijer's charisma: "He had a YouTube channel, and he was posting maybe two videos a week about his lifestyle, and his way of living, and his music. He was just posting from beautiful places, and beautiful hotels and he was very confident and happy in those videos."

Vanessa had arranged a meeting with him to discuss the specifics of the donation, as many of Meijer's donations were privately organised without the assistance of a fertility clinic. She was taken aback by his appearance when she met him in person: "I was watching people coming and going every man that came around the corner I was asking myself 'Is that him? '" She handed over €165 (£140) for his sample and agreed to reimburse his travel expenses.

In the lead up to the procedure, Meijer, who had been sending Vanessa numerous complimentary and flirtatious messages, made an unconventional proposition on the day: "When he came to my place to donate, he offered me the opportunity to conceive in the natural way by having sex."

"We discussed it and agreed that it would be the most effective method of conception. He assured me it was fine, that he wouldn't tell anyone else it was just between us. So eventually we decided to try it the natural way."

Single mum Vanessa told how she was persuaded into having sex by the smooth-talking Bitcoin trader
Meijer charmed Vanessa with flirty messages -Credit: 2024 Netflix, Inc.

However, Vanessa was shocked when she later discovered that Meijer had fathered hundreds of children across the Netherlands and globally. Given that these children are all roughly the same age, there is a significant risk that some of them could meet, form their own relationships and unknowingly commit incest, potentially leading to severe birth defects.

It was a shocking revelation two years after her first child's conception that led Vanessa to uncover the deceit of Meijer. She stumbled upon a Facebook post in a group for single mothers in the Netherlands, which unveiled the extent of his duplicity.

Vanessa chose to feature in the Netflix documentary as a cautionary tale, stating: "I wanted to participate in this documentary to make women aware ... and I really, really want him to stop."

In an interview with BBC Radio 4's Woman's Hour, Meijer dismissed the backlash, arguing: "If you want exclusivity, you go to the clinic, you pay 10,000 euros and then your donor is exclusive."