Mum 'madly in love' with man who 'stalked her for months' in Tesco

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Charlotte Robertson, 43, and Glen, 47, are happily married. -Credit:Charlotte Robertson SWNS

A mum-of-two who was 'madly in love; with a man who had been 'stalking' her for months at Tesco has shared their unusual love story. Glen Robertson, a smitten shopper, visited the supermarket daily hoping to catch a glimpse of Charlotte, an 'oblivious' worker he'd flirted with at the checkout.

It took four months before they met again, and when they did, she felt a 'compulsion' to give him her number.

The pair, who were virtually strangers, went on a date the next day and by the end of the week, they had declared their love for each other. Two months later, Glen, a father-of-one, proposed and they got married in September 2020.

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Charlotte, who was going through a divorce when they met, said she 'wasn't expecting to find love again'. The 43-year-old revealed: "I didn't even realise he was flirting with me at the tills. Nor did I know that he came into the store every day to try and speak to me. None of my colleagues noticed that Glen was coming in every day."

She added: "When we did speak again, I could tell Glen was trying to keep the conversation going. I felt a compulsion to give him my number, like I was possessed. I'd never given my number to a total stranger but now I'm thankful I did."

Now working as a carer in a children's home, Charlotte said they 'instantly clicked' during their first date, adding: "We knew we had something special. I've never had a stalker before, so when Glen admitted, he'd been trying to speak to me for four months I felt flattered. I like to tease him about it every now and then but I'm just as besotted with him."

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Charlotte Robertson, 43, and Glen, 47, are happily married -Credit:Charlotte Robertson SWNS

Electrician Glen, 47, recounted how Charlotte was 'oblivious' to his initial flirtatious advances when she served him at the supermarket back in October 2019. He reminisced: "I wasn't looking for love either but there was something about Charlotte that drew me to her."

Glen also shared a touching detail about his personal life: "I lost my dad a few months before I met Charlotte, he hoped that me and my daughter were going to be okay before he passed."

Reflecting on their serendipitous connection, Glen said: "Looking back, I'm more than okay and it's like the universe put Charlotte into my life for a reason. I admit, there were times when I went into her Tesco and left with nothing. But I'm not a total stalker, just a man in love. Timing is everything - we're proof of that."

The couple, who tied the knot in an intimate ceremony with 11 guests, still share a deep affection nearly four years on. Charlotte expressed her enduring fondness for Glen: "I still blush when he cracks jokes around me - he's truly my best friend."

She continued to describe their playful relationship: "He still makes me nervous, and loves to wind me up-I have to beg him to stop because I go so red. When we're together, we're like two teenagers. We're planning a little week away soon; we just love going away together I like to think he's besotted with me."

Charlotte concluded with heartfelt sentiments about their bond: "He makes me laugh every day and he's my favourite person to spend time with. I know I'll be with him forever, and I didn't think I'd get a chance at this kind of love. When I gave him his receipt, I didn't know I'd be giving him my number four months later."

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