Mum regrets name she gave infant son after discovering 'unintentional' hidden meaning

The mum regrets the name she gave to her second son (STOCK IMAGE)
The mum regrets the name she gave to her second son (STOCK IMAGE) -Credit:Getty Images/iStockphoto

Picking out a name for your child can be a tricky business for an expectant parent. From trying to find a title both you and your partner love, to hoping it will suit your bundle of joy.

For one mum, she was initially delighted with the name she had chosen for her second son. But after a few months, she realised the moniker had an "unintentional" hidden meaning - and it was linked to her first child, The Mirror reports.

Posting about her situation anonymously on Reddit, the mother explained she had a nine-year-old son called Leo, and she recently welcomed her second boy into the world, naming him Griffin.

But as the baby grew older, she realised some people might think he had been named after the mythical creature - part lion, pat eagle - and potentially liken it to her first son, who shares a name with the lion star sign.

The mum revealed she had started calling her tot Fin, but she was still racked with regret over her initial choice. She wrote: "My son is nine months old and named Griffin. I love his name and I love calling him Griff. That is not my problem.

"My problem is the unintentional theme between his name and my older son's, Leo. It was so unintentional. I realised it right before naming him but convinced myself it didn't bother me.

"However, nine months in and I still cannot let this go and I really, really wish I could. I have tried nicknaming him Fin but that feels unnatural and I find myself daydreaming about different names entirely."

Her post was flooded with comments from Redditors, many of whom tried to convince her the name she had picked was a great choice.

One user replied: "I'm sorry but this is kind of ridiculous - the griffin is a mythical beast, not a real animal. If anybody notices, they will probably think it's the coolest thing ever. People love patterns and themes."

Another added: "I think the connection is cute. People just might think you’re really into lions. The names go well together." A third commented: "I'm not sure I see the problem even when you know there's a connection. They're your cubs. That's adorable."

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