Mum savagely trolled after sharing inadvertently X-rated name she gave baby

An influencer has sparked a flurry of comments after revealing the name of her baby.

The challenge of choosing the 'right' baby name is a common dilemma. Some parents strive for uniqueness in their choice, while others prefer more traditional names to sidestep potential teasing at school.

However, one woman has found herself the target of online mockery for naming her child something that unfortunately resembles male anatomy. Christian influencer Kelly Havens Stickle became the centre of attention this week when she shared the news of her daughter's birth on Instagram.

"Our little firecracker daughter burst wildly into the outside world three weeks early on Wednesday May 1," she shared with her 56k followers (@kellyhavensohio). "After a very unexpected drive to the hospital, 1,500 ML of blood loss in two hours, a full placental previa and one of the most miraculous natural deliveries the doctors and nurses have ever seen."

"I've been swimming in a quiet awe over the presence of God. In our bodies, in our wombs, in every detail of life when we completely trust in Him."

The newborn, now just weeks old, was christened Theresa Havens Stickle. But what seemed like an innocuous name at first glance quickly caught the attention of commenters who noticed its potential for an unfortunate nickname. "You named your daughter... Tess Stickle? ? ? ," one commenter pointed out, while another said: "Tess Stickle burst wildly into the world. I cannot. She HAS to know."

Another person soon added their thoughts, commenting: "I'm sure she'll have a ball," while one issued a cautionary note saying: "Too innocent and trad to realise the mistake."

Kelly, currently residing in Ohio, revealed earlier this week that her daughter's nickname is actually 'Teri' or 'Loveday', with the latter suggestion coming from a family friend who knew her husband in his childhood. She chronicled the entire birthing experience in a seven-part blog, revealing her desire to deliver Teri at home was redirected to a hospital due to a diagnosis of placenta previa.

This medical condition prevents a baby from exiting through the vagina due to the placenta obstructing the exit path. It's estimated that Kelly lost a devastating 1,500ml of blood as a result, putting her and her baby's lives in jeopardy.

Even in these circumstances, her faith and the 'perfection' of Theresa stayed in her thoughts throughout. She described: "In a quiet birth centre in rural Ohio on the first night of May, we all experienced a miracle... Truly, her birth was proof that supernatural loving Being not only made the world, but longs to break into our worlds, as little T broke into mine."

Nevertheless, commenters haven't held back in teasing about Theresa's name. One individual on X jested: "Gonna run my kid's prospective baby names by a panel of eighth graders to make sure this doesn't happen."

Another quipped: "And what's wild is that she has some normal siblings that could have intervened in the naming situation but if they did it clearly didn't go through."