Mum told she would never walk again is competing to be the world's strongest woman

A mum told she would never walk again after a freak rugby accident is competing to be crowned the world's strongest woman. Nikki Ellerington, 45, says her sporting dreams were in tatters when she suffered a bad ankle break while playing rugby - with doctors telling her she'd likely never walk again. After six to eight months of rehabilitation, Nikki defied the odds to take her first steps since her accident and even went on to be able to run 10km within three years. Determined Nikki wasn't prepared to give up and soon began taking up cross-fit and training to get fit. In October 2023, she was selected to compete in the over 40s category in the World Finals of the Official Strongman Games in Charleston, West Virginia, US, through an online qualifier. The mum-of-four spent three days lifting huge weighted stones, sandbags, backpacks and 70kg metal blocks - and finished 21st out of 28 in her category. Nikki has also gone on to compete at the Official Strongman Games in England and will soon be heading off to compete in Finland.