Mum 'uncomfortable' with male nursery workers changing her daughter's nappy

She said that the idea of a man doing this made her "feel upset"
She said that the idea of a man doing this made her "feel upset" -Credit:Getty generic

A mum has sparked an online debate after expressing her discomfort with male nursery staff changing her daughter's nappy.

The woman voiced her concerns on Mumsnet, stating that the idea of a man changing her daughter's nappy made her "feel upset." She revealed that the nursery her child attends currently employs three male staff members.

She attributed her discomfort to her "own personal reasons," and shared: "My child is in Nursery after my return to work. The nursery chain has been hiring new staff recently.


"My child's nursery has three male staff and my daughter's nappy was changed by a male member of staff. For my own personal reasons, I feel upset about this but not sure if I can even say or do anything. I just don't like it."

In response, several parents suggested she should consider changing her child's nursery if she was unhappy, reports Birmingham Live. One person advised: "If you aren't happy with the staff at the nursery, for whatever reason, then remove your child."

Another commented: "I think it's great that there's more men in early years. Not happy? Move nurseries."

One user questioned: "The majority of nursery staff are female and they change boys nappies. Would you be uncomfortable with a female changing your son's nappy if you had a son?"

Another highlighted the rigorous checks in place for those working with children, remarking: "Safeguarding and oversight measures should prevent any bad people, male or female, from being a danger to the kids."