Murder Case The Digital Detectives: Who is Tasmin Glass and who helped her murder Steven Donaldson?

Tasmin Glass pictured at the High Court in Edinburgh in May 2019
Tasmin Glass pictured at the High Court in Edinburgh in May 2019 -Credit:Daily Record

Murder Case: The Digital Detectives airs on Monday evening (April 22) and shows how digital equipment helped police solve the Steven Donaldson murder case. The Channel 4 documentary also follows those behind the convictions of Tasmin Glass, Steven Dickie and Callum Davidson.

Tasmin Glass is the convicted killer of Steven Donaldson. She lured the father of her unborn child to his death and then later casually made sandwiches at a café when questioned by police. Detectives who investigated Glass have revealed they were stunned by her demeanour when she was approached about the death of her former boyfriend.

Detective Constable Nicola Annan, of Police Scotland, told how she went to a café in Kirriemuir where Glass worked to speak to her after Steven's body was discovered. She said: "I went to the café where Tasmin was working. During this time Tasmin's behaviour I would say was quite bizarre.

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Steven Donaldson was murdered in 2018
Steven Donaldson was murdered in 2018 -Credit:PA

"She continued to make up sandwich fillers and spread rolls and have general chit-chat. Bearing in mind this is her boyfriend who has been brutally murdered and she is standing there mixing up her tuna and onion". The programme also shows recordings of Glass's police interviews where she stared blankly at detectives and gave a series of "no comment" answers.

Who is Tasmin Glass and who helped her?

On the evening of June 6, 2018 Glass lured Donaldson to a meeting to talk about their failing relationship. She waited at the arranged meeting point with two men to murder him.

At the time of the murder, she also was pregnant with Donaldson's child. Steven Dickie and Callum Davidson helped Glass to murder Donaldson. They armed themselves with a baseball bat, knife and a cleaver or axe before attacking him at Peterpan playpark and stabbed him 26 times.

Then the two men dragged Donaldson to his BMW and laid him underneath the car, before setting the car on fire. Glass left the scene to go home while the murder was happening, and police found evidence on her Apple watch that she was sleeping after setting up the murder.

Donaldson, from Arbroath, Angus, was found dead at a nature reserve after he was subjected to 'extreme violence' by Dickie and Davidson. The documentary shows how detectives used digital data from the killers' mobile phones and watches to place them at the scene of the crime.

Tasmin Glass at the High Court in Edinburgh in 2019
Tasmin Glass at the High Court in Edinburgh in 2019 -Credit:Daily Record

What happened the killers?

Tasmin Glass was convicted of culpable homicide and sentenced to 10 years in prison in 2019. The jury found that she was guilty of planning the fatal attack. Her co-accused Steven Dickie and Callum Davidson were convicted of murder and sentenced to a life sentencing.

Passing sentence, judge Lord Pentland described the victim as a “loved and admired” young man who had established a career. "He had many years of life to look forward to,” the judge added.

Lord Pentland told Dickie and Davidson had used “extreme violence” in their attack on Mr Donaldson and that the assault was "sustained and prolonged". "You cut him down without mercy", he added: "What I am left with is a clear picture – demonstrating you are both cold-blooded, violent and unrepentant."

Steven Dickie was later found dead at HMP Perth in 2019, reports PA.

Glass is eligible for release after serving half her sentence and Steven's family have written to the Parole Board to demand she remain behind bars, reports The Daily Record.

The episode of Murder Case: The Digital Detectives featuring Glass will be shown on Channel 4 on Monday at 9pm.

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