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Scientists believe they’ve discovered certain mechanisms within our muscles which try to fight the effects of ageing.

As we get older we lose muscle mass and strength, but researchers at the Wellcome Sanger Institute have found two main mechanisms that occur within muscle cells called myofibers, that try to combat the effects of ageing.

Dr Veronika Kedlian who’s first author of the study tells Tech & Science Daily what those two mechanisms are, and how they fight back against the ageing process.

Veronika said a lot more research needs to be done, but their findings allow researchers to explore ways to combat inflammation, boost muscle regeneration, and preserve nerve connectivity.

Astronomers say a huge burst of light from more than two billion light years away that blinded space instruments was caused by the collapse of a massive star.

An international team of scientists said the gamma-ray blast was potentially more than 10 times brighter than any ever seen and it’s an event that only occurs once every 10,000 years.

Huge star explosions, or supernovas, like this one are thought to be where elements like gold and platinum come from, but using Nasa’s James Webb Space Telescope, astronomers couldn’t find signatures for any heavy metals from this particular supernova.

Google is launching an AI-powered video creation app to join its other online apps: Docs, Sheets and Slides.

It’s called ‘Google Vids’ and the tech giant is calling it a ‘video, writing, production and editing assistant’.

The tool allows multiple people to work on a video project at the same time, and it appears to be designed to create content such as training material and product pitches.

Nasa has been asked to help in the search for the Loch Ness Monster by teams at the Loch Ness Centre in the Scottish Highlands.

Last year one of the biggest searches of Loch Ness concluded with a hydrophone capturing loud underwater noises and several potential sightings.

Volunteers and Nessie hunters from the centre said they’re hoping that experts from Nasa might have some advanced imaging technology to scan the loch, and help them find the elusive creature.

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