New music to listen to this week: Mellah

South London artist Mellah [Liam Ramsden] has directed a brilliant, stark video for his track 'Round' which you can watch first via The Independent.

The track itself is slow, sprawling with those great, abrupt guitar notes - it recalls the dark humour and storytelling of Leonard Cohen or Tom Waits, and was inspired by an encounter he had with a former soldier for the British army, who believed that war was the only way to achieve peace.

It's taken off his EP Liminality, due out via Lucky Number on 12 May.

Check out the video below:

Q&A with Mellah

What have you been listening to recently?

Guinness - The Drink, Robert Wyatt, Velly Joonas, Robbie Basho, The Necessaries, The Rebel, Devandra Banhart, Ernie Graham, Woodie Simmons, Jon and Jodi, Suburban Lawns.

What are your plans for 2017?

To forcibly drill home into every man and woman inhabiting middle England and beyond, that watching and commenting on the news at 10 o'clock every evening doesn't contribute to change and doesn't constitute caring. And I'm currently recording an album.

First gig, best gig?

First gig: Performing Michael Jackson's Thriller to my primary school assembly to everyone's extreme amusement, I took it very seriously.

Best: Cafe Pompier, Bordeaux. Really special people, great city.

Mellah's EP Liminality is out on 12 May - he plays the Montague Arms on 16 May.

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