Muslim Contestant Quits Bear Grylls’ New Show As He Can’t Stand Bare Females In Bikins

A Muslim has left The Island with Bear Grylls – saying seeing girl co-stars in bikinis was an affront to his faith.

Rizwan Shabir, 27, storms off tonight’s episode of the C4 survival series after the half-naked women got too much for him.

Female hopefuls including rugby streaker Erika Roe, camerawomen Sarah Carnie and Zoe Hines and barmaid Tilly Martin have all worn just their swimsuits on the show.

But phone shop owner Shabir decided to quit the series fronted by Grylls, above, after 11 days.

Explaining his decision the Bradford man said: “It’s the hardest thing I’ve done in my life. I’m struggling. I’m around women who are half naked, which in my religion I shouldn’t really be.”

As a practising Muslim Shabir was shown taking time away from his fellow contestants and praying five times a day on the island.

Grylls with Kate Winslet in another of his adventure shows.

He also admitted in the first episode how he hoped to be a positive role model for his community on TV, saying: “I think I’ve got a lot to prove.”

It’s another blow for the show as last week saw war heroine Corporal Hannah Campbell, 31, leave the programme after she suffered post-traumatic stress disorder and flashbacks following a storm.

She told The Sun: “This is a seriously dangerous show.”

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