Muslim man stopped from praying at Canada train station

Muslim man stopped from praying at Canada train station

After a Muslim man was asked by a security guard to stop praying at a train station in Canada, authorities said they have suspended the employee.

An investigation has also been launched into the “regrettable and saddening incident”, it was reported.

The Muslim man who identified himself as Ahmad told CTV news Ottawa that a security guard — subcontracted to work for Canada’s Via Rail — came up to him after he had just finished praying and said “don’t pray in here.”

The security guard can be heard saying “don’t pray in here. We don’t want you praying here. You’re bothering our other customers, OK? Pray outside next time.”

The incident took place on Monday in the Canadian capital and Mr Ahmed shared the story on Thursday last week with the media.

A video of the incident was also captured by an onlooker which later went viral and sparked outrage on social media.

The video showed the security guard telling the man that his prayers were disturbing other people at the station.

Via Rail and the National Council of Canadian Muslims, a civil rights and advocacy group, issued a joint statement saying they met to discuss the “regrettable and saddening incident”.

The statement said that they “engaged in a constructive dialogue following the regrettable and saddening incident involving a man who was praying in Via Rail’s Ottawa Station.

“The conversation focused on common objectives, namely, to ensure that Via Rail provides an inclusive environment where passengers and employees feel safe practising freedom of religion, including the ability to worship,” the statement added.

Meanwhile, Mr Ahmad said that the incident “made me feel embarrassed. I was just disgusted. Like: this is Canada? This is the nation’s capital? This is Ottawa?”

Via Rail also issued an unreserved apology to the man and the entire Muslim community and promised a full investigation and “appropriate actions” based on its findings. They also reiterated that they strongly condemn Islamophobia and any discriminatory behaviour.

Via Rail said that it is also working to improve its diversity and inclusion policies after this incident.