Mexico earthquake: Mysterious green flashes light up the sky after tremor

Earthquake Twitter
Earthquake Twitter

Mysterious green and blue flashes were seen by witnesses in Mexico City after it was rocked by a magnitude 8.2 earthquake.

The powerful quake set off a tsunami warning for at least eight countries – and at least six people have been confirmed dead in the most powerful quake to strike the country for 100 years.

A video of the earthquake lights was captured by a witness – capturing a strange, little-understood phenomenon.

Earthquake lights have been reported around the world for decades – with some claiming it’s a natural phenomenon, and others claiming it’s due to structural damage.


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Seismologist Stephen Hicks said: ‘Earthquake lights have never been proven. Simpler explanation is small explosions in electric generators and power systems.

Magnitude 8.2 earthquake hits off Mexico
Magnitude 8.2 earthquake hits off Mexico

Reports of strange lights during earthquakes are common – sometimes even before the quake.

Some have suggested that the lights might be caused by electrical transformers or small explosions near the site of a quake.

A scientific paper in Seismological Research Letters suggested that charged atoms near the surface of the Earth may be behind the phenomenon – ionising pockets of air which form light-emitting plasma.

The paper suggested that the lights are sometimes seen weeks before an earthquake strikes.