The mystifying road just an hour from Glasgow where cars appear to roll uphill

There is a layby on the road so you can try the experiment for yourself
There is a layby on the road so you can try the experiment for yourself -Credit:Josie Campbell/CCbySA2.0

Fans of the mystical who are in search of something weird and wonderful to do close to Glasgow will love one of Scotland's strangest roads.

Home to an intriguing optical illusion, the route just an hour from the city has been dubbed the Electric Brae, thanks to the fact that parked vehicles in neutral are apparently drawn uphill by a mysterious force.

It's an incredible natural phenomenon that needs to be seen to be believed - with people at a loss to explain the odd occurrence, and many thinking it was due to electric or magnetic attraction, hence the change of the name from Croy Brae to Electric Brae.

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The Electric Brae Cairn
The Electric Brae Cairn -Credit:Nicola/CCbySA3.0

However, the truth is a little more prosaic, the Brae is in fact a gravity hill—a place where the layout of the land surrounding the road produces an optical illusion.

The effect is caused by one end of the road being 17 feet higher, causing a slight gradient, but due to the way the nearby landscape slopes, the gradient of the road appears to go in the opposite direction, which leads to the odd sight of cars rolling 'uphill'.

The illusion is so convincing that it has brought travellers far and wide over the years to see it for themselves.

Among these was future US President Dwight D Eisenhower, who during the Second World War was stationed at the nearby Culzean Castle.

If you want to see the strange phenomenon for yourself, the stretch of road runs the quarter mile from the bend overlooking Croy Railway Viaduct in the west to the wooded Craigencroy Glen in the east.

The South Ayrshire Council has helpfully built a layby where travellers can stop and try it out for themselves as well as reading the sign dedicated to the illusion.

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