‘Nothing has gone right for us since’: Nadine Dorries calls for Boris Johnson comeback

  • Former culture secretary Nadine Dorries has called for Boris Johnson's return as leader

  • Dorries has said restoring Johnson is the only way the Tories can win the next election

  • It comes amid growing speculation the former PM may attempt a comeback this year

  • Read more about the prospect of Johnson's return below

The former culture secretary has Boris Johnson as prime minister is the only way her party will win the next election. (TalkTV)
The former culture secretary has said restoring Boris Johnson as prime minister is the only way her party will win the next election. (TalkTV)

A former Tory minister has called for the return of Boris Johnson as prime minister, saying it is the only way the Conservative party can win the next election.

Nadine Dorries on Thursday said "nothing has gone right" for the party since Johnson's departure and replacement by Liz Truss and then Rishi Sunak.

Johnson resigned in July as prime minister when a string of resignations triggered the collapse of his government following a number of damaging scandals.

"Nothing has gone right for us since the day they removed Boris Johnson," the former culture secretary told TalkTV.

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"I think we were four to five points behind in the polls on the day he was removed... it was easy to burn away during a general election campaign."

Labour have had a significant lead of the Tory party in the polls since last summer - with a survey from YouGov last month placing Labour at 46% and the Conservatives at 25%.

In contrast, YouGov polling around the time of Johnson's resignation in July placed Labour at 40% and the Conservatives at 29%.

Britain's former prime minister Boris Johnson gestures as he waits for the arrival of South Africa's president to the Palace of Westminster, home to Britain's House of Commons and House of Lords, both houses of parliament, in London on November 22, 2022, as part of his two-day state visit. (Photo by TOBY MELVILLE / POOL / AFP) (Photo by TOBY MELVILLE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images)
Boris Johnson resigned last year after a string of scandals led to the collapse of his government. (Reuters)

Dorries added: "Conservative MPs... have one very simple question to ask themselves when they look in the mirror.

"And that is: 'Do you want to continue being an MP?'... we're 20 plus points behind."

Dorries, who was a close ally of Johnson during his premiership, made the remarks amid growing speculation over Johnson's return to frontline politics.

On Tuesday, Johnson ally and Tory peer Lord Stephen Greenhalgh his return was "likely".

“I was with Boris in City Hall in the second term and I think he was more successful in the second term than the first," Greenhalgh told Newsnight.

“I was asked by someone to read a [Harold] Wilson biography by [Labour MP] Nick Thomas Symonds and that was all about a prime minister who comes back in two distinct terms and Boris will be the same with a gap.

“So I think it is likely – not 100% certain – but there’s a strong probability he will return.”

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However, senior Tory David Davis told Times Radio on Tuesday speculation about his return was "journalistic rumbling".

"Frankly - I don't think there is a big appetite to turn on Rishi." said Davis.

"We've had a record number of prime ministers in one year. And if we decide we're going to change again, the public will lose faith."

In October, Johnson considered running in the Tory leadership contest triggered by Truss's resignation – claiming he had the necessary backing of 100 Tory MPs to return.

However, he added it was "simply not the right time" for his return.

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